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Hartzell Engine Tech Launches POWERUP Aircraft Ignition Systems

March 4, 2024

MONTGOMERY, Ala, March 4, 2024 – Hartzell Engine Tech, a leading manufacturer for General Aviation and military applications, has rebranded and launched POWERUP Aircraft Ignition Systems. Production is underway.

POWERUP Aircraft Ignition Systems include FAA/PMA approved aircraft magnetos, ignition harnesses, Slick, Bendix and Continental replacements parts and magneto repair kits. Hartzell Engine Tech added the product portfolio last year. It is now the largest Hartzell Engine Tech operation, joining Janitrol Aero, Fuelcraft, Plane-Power, Sky-Tec, and AeroForce Turbocharger Systems.

The complete POWERUP product line is available immediately through a global distributor network. Additionally, Hartzell Aviation sister company Quality Aircraft Accessories will begin incorporating POWERUP magneto components into its overhaul processes, replacing legacy Slick components. For information on where to go to buy POWERUP products go to Aircraft Distributors | PowerUp Ignition.

“POWERUP ignition systems are manufactured today on Hartzell Engine Tech’s foundation of proven reliability and precise engineering,” said Hartzell Engine Tech President Keith Bagley. “These POWERUP products, which simplify the upgrade process for owners, are ready to ship today,” he added.

The POWERUP ignition line introduces innovative design improvements including:

· A single-piece impulse coupling (no rivets) hub that greatly improves durability and reliability, and is not subject to Champion Service Bulletin SB2-19A inspections

· Enhanced capacitor design with a toughened stud anchor

· Thicker coil insulation for increased service life

· Improved breaker points with an all-steel mount stack-up

· An upgraded distributor gear to protect against arc erosion

Hartzell Engine Tech prioritizes precision and quality without compromising affordability. POWERUP Aircraft Ignition Systems are reliable and cost-effective, providing the right option for those seeking performance and affordability.

For further information, please email the company at info@powerupignition.aero.

About Hartzell Engine Tech

Hartzell Engine Tech is a leader in aviation, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for aircraft enthusiasts. With a longstanding history and a commitment to excellence, Hartzell Engine Tech continues to drive innovation within the aviation industry. For more info go to hartzell.aero.

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